Conquering the Power Within


To become the best we can be, it is important to embrace who we truly are. The essence of our makeup and who we are is in many ways totally untapped. Why is that? Because we are not taught to live in concert with our soul, the life force that resides inside of each of us. Almighty God gave us the breath of life and we 
became living souls. 
In other words, ourlife, power and energy comes directly from the Source and Maker of life, Almighty God himself.
Our thinking about our position in the Universe and how we are made has been turned upside down with the recent scientific information. We already knew that
access to our brain is extremely limited with estimates ranging from 1 to 10 percent. There are studies that suggest the number is closer to one tenth of one percent. The recent discovery of unknown galaxies by the Hubble telescope and their sheer numbers(billions, with each containing billions of stars)can becompared to the little we know about our brain and how little we use the energy force that we possess.
This power that is very accessible to each of us is not confined by the laws that govern the universe, it is like a shining light that cannot be extinguished. Let your light shine before men is a phrase we are familiar with, however, few realize that we really have the ability to use and reflect the awesome light and that comes directly from Almighty God. This is the everlasting light and energy source that has a power that we as men can barely relate to.

Many men rely totally on  strength that comes directly from their thoughts or the power of the mind which manifests itself in the human ego. This egoism is the opposite of reflecting God’s light which is
the ultimate power. There has to be a conscious effort to gain and harness that power. In other words, you begin to train your brain not act on the mindless clutter that it engages in almost 24/7, but you force it to work for you and not simply be a random thought producing machine. You begin to engage your mind purposely and know that it will work for you just as sure as if you were a bodybuilder who put in the time and effort to become a world class athlete. Once successful, you become fully present, fully aware of the life force residing within and you are able to hone in when necessary therefore blocking out meaningless. It’s impossible to eliminate all thoughts, but it is possible to decide how to act or not to act on them, everytime!

Example – We have all had moments when we needed to remember a specific event but the answer eluded us for the moment. Once trained you simply engage your mind by focusing in on what’s needed and then go about go about your daily business. Of course, if it is something that needs animmediate response, you enlist the aid of others. Without any doubt, your brain will come up with the answer – the more pressing the quicker the response. Once trained, you won’t waste my time fretting about your  inability to recall events, you will have assurancce that the answer will come.

We are all familiar with mind and body, but how do we maximize the power within? First by consciously monitoring our thoughts. Simple way to monitor is to watch the next thought that comes to your mind. Like a cat watching a mouse hole.

Who was that watching the thought?

Life force, soul, inner being, whatever label you assign to it, it does not reside in your mind! Subscribe to my newsletter at for future lessons on making your mind work for you and not independent from you. 70,000 thoughts on average daily!

We get in touch with the soul by engaging God like behaviour? What do I mean by that? Fruits of the spirit! And controlling the mind (not living in the past and giving the present of life away, not picking up weights that we have already put down).

“There is nothing men can think of that they can not do.” Who said that?

Once we are in touch with the God in us we let his light shine through us, not our light, our aim is to reflect his light. If we are alive we all have access to it, and it’s up to us how much we use it. This is the condensed version to wake you up to the fact that the fact that the light is on, you have to find the dimmer switch and get it turned up to it’s maximum brilliance.

Close eyes, focus on the next thought. If you were able to do it, you were successful in shutting down the minds grip on you for a brief moment. It is the purpose of this exercise to steer you in the direction of not letting the mind control so much of your life. You have to be in control. In other words, ‘mind your mind’ and the thoughts going through it. It is estimated that the average person has 70,000 thoughts daily, we have to be able to tune those thoughts down at time to experience true peace. It is easier than you may think. Prayer, deep breathing, different forms of meditation are a few ways to slow down and control the mind. If you don’t control the mind, and takes on a life of its own as manifested by the ego.

When we are able to control the mind and access the life within ourselves and then combine it with an opportunity to improve your life. You will meet with success beyond anything you could have ever dreamed of. The opportunity in Total Fit could be that vehicle for you. If it is good for the body and beneficial to others – those are some of the ingredients for true success

So, how do we get there?

By shedding the weights or baggage that you have been carrying for so long, that allows us to operate at another level and the results that may have elude you will soon follow. You can’t live in the past when you embrace the present of life today. Your light should reflect the Source of life and abide by His principles. Others will be impacted positively by your shining light.

Boundless energy, joy, peace, and success will be yours when you are able to follow these suggestions and capture the true life that resides inside of you. Both now and eternally!

How to stop the pain (hurt, shame) from hurting again. Part 1

Past wrongs are among the most difficult things in life to overcome and keep out of our lives. Sometime the pain reaches down to our very core and we multiply the intensity by making the mistake of permitting those events or other injustices define us as individuals. It’s very rare to see a person that takes such a harsh position on themselves to do the same to others. We tend to be very tough on ourselves. 

How do you stop the hurt or shame? 

1) Clearly define what disturbs you. For some, pain results in feelings of inadequacy or low self-esteem, it also involves confusing emotions. It is critical to focus on what really hurts, write it down when it is happening if you have difficulty identifying or pinpointing the source of your pain. Be sure to include anything that you don’t want in your emotions, body, mind or thoughts. In addition, write how these emotions make you feel, how they are negatively impacting your life and that they are no longer welcomed. Be honest with yourself as no one will see what you are writing

After writing the source of your pain, take the paper and burn it in a safe place. The burning is symbolic, a cleansing ritual if you will, and is practiced by others. You may begin to feel some relief after this simple exercise.  Our next post will explore other methods to alleviate the pain or past shame. Decide not to live another day under the weight of what happened in the past. This is the first step in repairing a fractured foundation.