How to stop the pain (hurt, shame) from hurting again. Part 1

Past wrongs are among the most difficult things in life to overcome and keep out of our lives. Sometime the pain reaches down to our very core and we multiply the intensity by making the mistake of permitting those events or other injustices define us as individuals. It’s very rare to see a person that takes such a harsh position on themselves to do the same to others. We tend to be very tough on ourselves. 

How do you stop the hurt or shame? 

1) Clearly define what disturbs you. For some, pain results in feelings of inadequacy or low self-esteem, it also involves confusing emotions. It is critical to focus on what really hurts, write it down when it is happening if you have difficulty identifying or pinpointing the source of your pain. Be sure to include anything that you don’t want in your emotions, body, mind or thoughts. In addition, write how these emotions make you feel, how they are negatively impacting your life and that they are no longer welcomed. Be honest with yourself as no one will see what you are writing

After writing the source of your pain, take the paper and burn it in a safe place. The burning is symbolic, a cleansing ritual if you will, and is practiced by others. You may begin to feel some relief after this simple exercise.  Our next post will explore other methods to alleviate the pain or past shame. Decide not to live another day under the weight of what happened in the past. This is the first step in repairing a fractured foundation.